Worldskills in Abu Dhabi 14.10. - 19.10.2017

The Worldskills will take place in Abu Dhabi this year. Young people from 77 member countries and regions will come to Abu Dhabi to compete in 51 skill competitions.

Worldskills is a kind of Olympic Games for young professions. After Leipzig and Sao Paulo it will be the 3rd time, where vocational education will round off the water topic.

The organizers hope and have the main goal, to worldwidely promote the job of the so called „Water technician“, which is a unique job in Germany and better known as a “Specialist for Water/Wastewater technology”.

The initiative is exemplary and mandatory, to motivate young people to work in this field, because we all know:

Water - the blue glod - we do not get it from the nature any more, but have to prepare it in technical plants.
It is not possible to do the whole process environmentally-friendly without well-prepared, professional expertise:
We need technology, and we need people, who can develope, set-up and maintain such technologies!
We need young people who can motivate themself to work at plants and water technologies. Theoretically based knowledge is not enough!

The Festo learning system EDS Water Management, which is supported by Adiro, is a training ground for Learning by Doing!


World Skills