Hardware and Connects

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The patented Connects of Tec2Screen® provide a seamless and clear link between software and hardware as well as theory and practice. On the one hand, they ensure successful learning for the student, while on the other, the interactive and exploratory experiments maximize motivation and the joy of learning, despite complex technology. The direct feedback provided by the learning system makes a significant contribution to this capability.

The signal flow is completely transparent and easy to follow.

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The base is made of a sturdy plastic housing with built-in brackets and is used for holding the Apple iPad® and the Connect plug-in interface modules.

Technical specifications:

  • 10 slots for Connects
  • With Lightning connector for connecting an Apple iPad®
  • Apple iPad® can be locked to prevent removal (with Kensington lock)
  • Can be screwed onto standard monitor bracket (VESA 75 x 75 mm)
  • Charging function for Apple iPad®
  • Compatible with Apple iPad® 4, iPad Air® and iPad Air® 2

Tec2Screen Empty Base.jpg Tec2Screen Base








Tablet PC with touch-sensitive screen and multi-touch gesture operation. Get off to a flying start with pre-installed account and apps:

  • iTunes® account
  • Tec2Screen® app
  • AirPort® utility program

As a basic unit, the Tec2Screen® base links the iPad® with the patented Connects. The iPad® can also be used as a fully functional tablet, independently of the Tec2Screen®, in the classroom and elsewhere.

Tec2Screen iPad

Tec2Screen iPad and Base







  • Courses and simulations can be assigned according to the student’s knowledge and learning preferences
  • Student-centered learning approach helps to transform the teacher’s role from instructor to administrator and motivator
  • Classroom Manager allows the individual administration and monitoring of students

Modular and flexible learning solution
Tec2Screen® can be used from anywhere and at any time and can be adapted to the student’s specific learning preferences, learning speed, and previous knowledge and interests. The system’s mobility makes it possible for users to learn at home or on the move and teaches students how to work with new digital media.

Course content and experiments can be created with the help of the Content Builder and iEasyLab. Courses as well as other digital documents can be assigned to students via the learning management system, Classroom Manager.

Required components for the use of Tec2Screen®

  • Tec2Screen® set (Base, iPad®, Connects)
  • Classroom Manager (Learning Management System)
  • Courses and Simulations
  • Additional Connects
  • Tec2Screen® App (free in the Apple App Store®)
  • Media Systainer (optional)
  • Content Builder (optional)