EDS® Energy Cube

EDS® Energy Cube

Studying full-scale renewable energies

Making renewable energies part of your educational facility

Technicians and engineers with qualifications in renewable energies and energy management are needed in the public and industrial sector. Consequently, these topics have been established in curricula of a variety of educational facilities.

Festo Didactic offers an optimized solution – the EDS® Green Energy Container. Full-scale solar and wind energy generation are integrated into a wellconceived stand-alone system based on a robust container. Integrating renewable energies into your educational facility has never been easier.


  • Worldwide and safe shipping in standard ISO container
  • Fast installation and start‑up – no fundament required
  • Reliable and resistant construction for durable use
  • Remote monitoring and control of all relevant signals
  • Independent and stand-alone energy supply with integrated storage system
  • Optimized for educational and research facilities through integrated measurement and control equipment

Studying energy during generation
The system comprises industrial components of the latest technology:

  • photovoltaic (PV) modules
  • horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)
  • valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA)
  • inverters, controllers, safety facilities

Both energy supply by the sources and the consumption and storage processes are continuously measured and the data can be accessed in real time.
Signals of high quality sensors for wind speed, solar radiation and environmental conditions supplement the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) and form the basis for deeper analyses.

Multiple learning scenarios
The SCADA data of the EDS® Green Energy Container can easily be visualized by most devices as well as exported to standard formats.

Multiple learning and research opportunities are opened:

  • analysis of wind and solar energy supply
  • tracking of daily, weekly and yearly power generation
  • analysis of PV module characteristics
  • acquisition of wind turbine power curves
  • study of operating conditions and control mechanisms

Festo Didactic also offers a connection to a comfortable indoor workstation for control, analysis and live consumption of the outdoor generated electrical energy

Systems thinking
On a higher level, the study of systems behavior is enabled, like

  • storage management for fluctuating energy supply and demand
  • decentralized energy supply
  • self consumption and autarky
  • intelligent consumption (demand side management)
  • the integration of E-Mobility.

This supports interdisciplinary thinking and the engineering skills from the system point of view (i.e. systems engineering).
Current research topics in the growing field of energy management are addressable. For instance, the EDS® Green Factory – a learning factory for energy efficient production –
can be connected to the Green Energy Container resulting in a multilevel learning environment for energy and industrial production.

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